Business Principals:


We are committed to timely and responsive service from the inception to the handover of every project we undertake.
We are proactive in our decision making and pride ourselves on our communication transparency throughout each task.  

Quality long term relationships:

We recognise our clients are our livelihood. Our priority first and foremost in all that we do is client satisfaction.On each project we do not simply focus on the physical development itself, but similarly the development of our relationship with the client.  


We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, under no circumstance do we see it appropriate to compromise the quality of our work in order to meet business objectives.We view our completed projects as a physical representation of our company values

Quality and Safety Assurance:

Our quality assurance systems ensure that our work complies with all government and statutory regulations, relevant codes, client standards and specifications. PLM Electrics and all its employees are committed to maintaining a safe workplace and ensuring our client's safety criteria are strictly adhered to. PLM Electrics have a zero-incident safety record. Hazard and operations reviews are performed regularly on all sites as a matter of policy.


Peter Manakis
Peter founded PLM Electrics in January 2003. He has been a registered electrician for 32 years, his wealth of experience includes; key management and consultancy positions with some of Australia's largest electrical companies. Peter has a widely respected industry reputation, evident through the forming of strong leadership and project teams. He is passionate about the timely and high quality delivery of our projects. 
Chris Manakis
Chris has over 20 years experience as an electrician, holding management roles and specialising in client liaison. Possessing expertise in workplace safety, compliance and essential services management, Chris has been responsible for the maintenance of some of the largest projects in the city, including the Docklands Public Lighting Precinct.
Brendan Pangallo
Project Manager
Brendan has over 10 years experience as a registered electrician. Brendan's attention to detail and management nous, was characteristic of his time as a site foreman and has allowed for him to move into a supervisory position within the company. His administrative skills are now utalised to their greatest capacity, through his senior project management of many of our largest contracts.
Russell Cownley
Security Manager
Russell is our leader in the security division of our company. With over a decade of experience in the field, Russell brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. His insatiable desire for progress ensures that PLM Electrics is constantly installing the most up-to-date and sophisticated technology. Russell has been responsible for the electronic security systems in some of Melbourne's most innovatory developments
Liam Manakis

Liam has been working in an estimating and administrative role within the company for over 2 years. Possessing a proficiency for mathematics and coordination, he applies these skills to their greatest extent as he manages each of PLM Electrics tender submissions. Liam spends his days away from the office furthering his career at university.