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PLM Building Group is a professional Property Maintenance and Management firm with a team of qualified tradesmen with over 30 years of industry experience. PLM Building Group provides multi-disciplinary services specialising in property maintenance, property management, minor construction works, repairs and cleaning services across the State of Victoria.


PLM Building Group is privately owned and managed by Peter Manakis. The success of PLM Building Group has been based on quality long term relationships, strengthened through impeccable output. We strive to deliver lasting maintenance solutions, as we continue expand our ever growing client base.  


The team at PLM Building Group understands the issues faced by its Clients in day-to-day operations and therefore provides a 24-hour emergency service to register and address issues that might arise after hours, on weekends and on public holidays. Partnerships with PLM Building Group translate into long term relationships.

Our Clientele:

What We Provide:

PLM Building Group provides the following services to the private and government industries:
• Regular property maintenance
• Emergency repairs and rectification
• Garden maintenance and upgrades
• Ongoing property management got a monthly retainer or on a contractual basis
• All minor and major repairs, maintenance and rectification including, painting, plumbing, electrical and mechanical works
• Minor refurbishment and upgrades – both commercial and residential apartments
• Due diligence inspections and reports
• Cleaning
• Testing of mechanical services
• OH&S governance
• Essential service reports
• Hazard reports

PLM Building Group also works closely with its Clients to achieve compliance with all legislative requirements.

Our Facilities:

Princes Pier:


Client: Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources & Platinum Facilities Management. 

Contract Tenure: Since June 2010

Description of Works: PLM Building Group maintains the pier, specifically those items relating to CCTV, Electrical and the operation of pier telescopes. Previous works have also included waste management and cleaning. 


Client: Department of Education and Training & Programmed Facilities Maintenace

Contract Tenure: Since 2015

Description of Works: PLM Building Group has been engaged by Programmed Facilities Management to provide subcontractor services, such as painting, carpark works and numerous small construction work.

Bastow Insitute:

Beacon Cove:


Client: Major Projects Victoria

Contract Tenure: 2009-2014

Description of Works: PLM Building Group maintained the one kilometre stretch of landscape between the Station Pier and First Point Park along the waterfront. The works included repair and maintenance of the irrigation system, palm trees, lawns and shrubs. PLM Building Group also maintained the promenade lighting. The lights included flood lights and pole mounted lights.

Plus Many More...

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