What We Offer:

We Offer Comprehensive Electrical Solutions
We deliver quality installations, on cost and in time
We are experienced Communications and MATV providers

Electrical Services:

We cover all aspects of electrical services for the commercial construction sector, it is the primary division of the company. PLM Electrics specialises in the design and construction of all aspects of the commercial electrical installations. From the point of connection and Main Switchboards to project delivery. PLM Electrics also provides Fire, Solar and Lightning Protection and Power Generation solutions, delivering a complete package for all electrical service requirements.


PLM Electrics is a structured cabling and data facilities provider. Our Communications sector specializes in providing Structured Cabling Systems. These include Fibre Networks, category 6/6A networks. We are able to provide certified networks that comply with Australian Standards. PLM Electrics is also able to provide services relating to the installation of NBN networks.


PLM Electrics is a MATV provider, capable of installing systems with the capacity to distribute Free to Air, Pay TV and IP TV throughout large scale developments of differing size and specification. We have experience in the aged care and hospitality sectors, providing modulated signals throughout the building. 

Our Valued Clientele:


The Maintenance Division of PLM Electrics offers a complete electrical services package to upkeep buildings and services alike. We are able to provide maintenance solutions in a vast range of areas, including:

    • Complete Electrical Service Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance.
    • Building Commissioning Reports, Tuning and Analysis. 
    • Test and Tagging of Appliances.
    • RCD Safety Switch Testing and maintenance.
    • Power Monitoring and Testing including detailed understandable reports outlining power usage.
    • Thermographic Testing
    • Body Corporate solutions
    • C-Bus Programming
    • Exit and Emergency Monitoring 

The Properties We Maintain:

PLM Electrics’ experienced maintenance team are generally positioned in the CBD, ensuring the electrical upkeep of numerous landmark buildings. For any potential maintenance inquiries, please fill out below form.